No, of course intended is not a brand new mobile telephone agent, the discounter chain Kik. It’s about a Messenger, allowing free and cross platform news Android and Windows Phone to send. 7 Whether A data connection (WLAN or UMTS or cellular Web) is can you purely and your pals to deliver a message in real time and give you this. This operates suggested, platform-independent, easy not to mention totally free.

Kik Messenger called this helpful program while offering a very good option to a known opponent in this area, namely “WhatsApp”. WhatsApp know certainly some, no question it’s a terrific application, but maybe not enough, because it does not support Windows Phone 7 (however?). Windows Phone 7 is also supported by the Kik Messenger and is for me personally so ideal. Additionally facilitates the Messenger Smileys and delivering graphics (from the gallery and with access to the cam).

In my view, an incredibly apparent “must have” for the majority of smartphone customers! Wonderfully simple, free that has a superb range of features and seems to from quite. And most important: Finally a messenger which joins all three platforms :)the way: the globe use Kik for pc has more than 4 million individuals!

To not forget: “PingChat” Maybe Not like (yet another software in this field) must be entered information private, you will need only enter a title and an email address for verification when you first begin the app. Additionally, the app runs reliable and extremely fast and even offers push help.

GarageBand for iOS with new DJ features and iPad Pro support

For iOS commonly modified memos Apple also garage band as well as the demonstration of the record program audio that is fresh. The recording facilities for iPad and iPhone brings features that are new and is enhanced for the big display of the Pro that is I pad.

Garage band 2.1 may Loops less experienced customers provide with the so-called Live an instinctive manner to perform with music loops and samples.

With 3D Touch it is possible to hold and create an audio result that may “polyphonic aftertouch” nennt.5 About the iPhone 6s Remix FX also delivers when pressing the XY mat one motivated by the 80s Tape Cease retro impact keys on the keypad.

Garage band 2.1 in the App Store for iOS accessible and comes according to Apple “along with iOS apparatus with 32GB storage and bigger free” or as a free update for existing consumers with appropriate iOS apparatus 9 or after. All others may be asked to 4.99 pounds to pay.

With onetouch of columns and rows in a visually attractive grid trials and distinct looped instruments can be triggered. The circles may be performed stay, ordered and remixed and garage band automatically keeps sync all beats, perfectly in time and toss. To begin offering catalogue of Apple Trap to live coils templates from a variety of music genres, including rock, rap , dubstep and EDM and you can recreate his own loops from scratch.

Additionally, GarageBand PC provides 2.1 a new percussionist perform with nine electronic and traditional drum sets and fresh virtual bass amp. Besides the optimisation for the iPad Pro, a 3 touch support for iPhone versions 6 and 6s s Plus h AS been added:


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Facebook Games: Social Gaming On The Boom

gaming_slideIt is undeniably true that Facebook games have captured the hearts as well as the time of so many millions of people all over the world. Yes, it has without any doubt, fast risen as a social gaming generating much business for many people. Game developers alone earn a fortune selling these virtual and online games as social games.

The Connection Between Social Networking And Gaming

While people do their social chats in the various networking sites such as Facebook, they are at the same time able to play online games should they fancy it. And the good thing about it is that they get to play while being connected and socializing with their friends and loved ones. For those who have not yet tried playing the fun and truly entertaining games in Facebook, here are just a few of the so many Facebook games you can try and definitely get addicted to playing.

YoVille Game

In this Facebook game, players may come up with their own avatars by making specially the character’s costumes and looks, and letting the characters they have assembled roam around the virtual town of YoVille. Just like other Facebook games, you may also make friends with some of the avatars you will meet while playing the game, send them messages privately or even ask them if they want to play some games with you.

Should you have a friend playing this game with you online, and you forgot to greet her on her special day, then you could just easily send her some flowers or a box of sweet delights from YoVille.
Otherwise, if you have someone you extremely loathe or despise, then simply play the KickMania and get that negative feeling out of your chest.

KickMania Game

Here is a game that lets you do anything you want to do to someone. You may inflict some kind of bodily harm to that person but of course, only in the virtual world of Facebook gaming. Though this game is geared towards being physical, it has captured millions of players as well and continues to stay within the Top 10 best Facebook games social gamers enjoy playing.

Getting Back At Someone In The Virtual World

First, you make your own avatar as usual, then you get to kick the other avatar you loathe and watch him fly crashing on the ground and onto the walls. Isn’t that just amazing? Really, wouldn’t doing something to that person who you just can’t stand, things you know you cannot do in real life, just amazing? You can even calculate and select which angle you’d like to send your high kick, as well as calculating where you want your feet and body to land. This game also lets the players know how far they have gone as to kicking their friend.